This is my first map I have made. I have worked on it for about 3 days and need a little bit of help.If you could, post some feedback and try to give me some help about this water glitch. If needed I can post some pictures of the Hammer Editor. Also this was made for my server There is 4 small houses and the glass above breaks when the water starts to rise, preventing minges from prop climbing etc.
Here is a Picture of The main outline of it…

I put this sign up just for looks and for our server you can join…

The Only Problem i have is this stupid water bug, i highlighted it with yellow but that main area turns invisible but you can still swim in it, no idea what to do with that.

Download Here and read more if chosen

Not bad IMO

but its missing something

There are a lot of areas which you need to improve on.

Texturing is a key one. There has been a large amount of wood plastered everywhere, but it lacks reality. The area is quite blocky, just a huge bunch of cubes and cuboids fused together into one map. The vending machine doesn’t help matters. All in all it feels like a test map.

You have the basics nailed down, you know how to use brushes, entities and lighting, but you don’t yet know how to make a map. Practice, but don’t release anything until it it has the substance of the higher quality maps around here.