This map took about four days to get right, but could use a lot more work.

Download Link?

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Please, no criticism!

Bad sky, repetitive textures, looks like reflective cheap water. (???) Or you don’t have reflective water enabled.

That sky is the only one that I know about that would make that water look semi-normal. The rest made it look like this.

What does fmstand for?

Flood Mod. It’s a game mode that in my opinion, is awesome.
Here is a download for the game mode, made by “find me”

What ever you do, don’t make an article.

PermabannedGuy, are you talking to me or green bandit?

He’s talkin to green bandit. also, did you fix that horrible carve job?

Oh god it’s awful.

Never got the chance to. That will be a job for V2. That I’m going to spend A LOT more time on than this one, because I know this one is kinda crappy for a second map.

i like the concept of the map but I don’t think it was properly pulled off

water was cheap because it uses func_water_analog for flood mod

There is a good-looking water texture for that too, isn’t there?

Then why in the world would you post anything? Constructive criticism and competition make the world go round, my friend.

Agreed, except I actually kinda like the water, as it still lets you see the stuff in the pool. Kinda neat, but that’s just me. Would work with an aquarium map, too, probably put a dead Big Daddy in the bottom, some bubble effects, a volcano… Ooh, ideas!