Fnding Mingebags

I know this may sound a bit stupid, but, my friend and I are looking for minge bags. But we can’t seem to find any.
If you know of any good minge infested servers, post the name and IP of them here.


Why are u looking for mingebags?

To make them suffer.


Mingebags come and go, you can’t really find them at one specific place

Mingebags are like thunderstorms; they roll in, do some damage, and leave. Or they act like Tornadoes and stick around for a LOOONG while.

Create a DarkRP server, or a build server.
Sadly, there is were they go

Okay, I guess I’ll just have to luck up and come across them sometime.
Thanks guys!
By the way, who voted my post for bad spelling. There wasn’t a single word spelled incorrectly.

You can’t find players with their name as “MingeBag” any more, because your in-game name is now the same as your steam name. Sure, you can find some players with the Kleiner model, but that doesn’t mean they are mingebags, look at me, I cleaned my gmod yesterday and my model is still a kleiner, I don’t give a shit. But any way MingeBags are new players that arive to Garry’s Mod, and most of them just want to learn how to play properly! Untill today, I came across 3 mingebags in my server and only 1 of them was a spammer. The word “mingebag” does not mean “O MAH GAWD SPAMMZORZ”. All of us have experienced how it is to be a mingebag.

And by your reply “To make them suffer.” I guess you just saw “War of the Servers” before opening this thread. It’s a movie for God’s sake.

I know all of that. I’m not a complete twit.
I don’t mean minges with their name being Mingebag or anything. Just minges that spam, and rdm and what not.

< 08’rs deciding to go and minge might use that as their name.

Uh huh…