FO3 Laser rifle, Combat shotgun, Flamer and Alien pistol

These are not sweps, only models

This thread (! ) reminded me I still have these lying around and I know I’m not going to use em. These were the first things I ever animated and sadly pretty much the last since I could never get the really smooth looking animations right. Anyway they are somewhat choppy and I think some muzzleflashes are misplaced. But it has a functioning view and world model, so maybe someone can find use of it. So here:

[img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb][img_thumb][/img_thumb]



All the models and materials were created by Bethesda game studios and are property of them. I take no credit for them. Animations are done by me.

Lold at the Laser Rifle dropping bullets.

Its nice though.

Cool anims.

i thnk you did really well on this dakarun, if you were working for bethsiesda i woulkdnrt be surpsired. the anims are ok for an amatuer, fi you were gettig paid could you do better?

Haha, yeah. If only I could do some lua it would be a decent release.


Hah thanks for the compliment. And no money wouldn’t really imporve my skills. But I might actually continue this project. I didn’t realize that people wanted this that bad. I’m first going to see if I still got it (haven’t animated in about half a year) and I might actually try to find some tutorials. These I made by just knowing knowledge of keyframes, and be teaching myself how to write .qc files. So who knows the result might be somewhat better.

Someone should make some SWeps for them

Ive already started on them “Burn”.