FO4 Nora face-can i get some opinions on eye/nose/mouth shapes?


Been trying to port some FO4 characters and now i’m working on Nora’s head. I just need some fresh eyes to look at the pic to see if they agree with what i see or if they see anything additional.

Based on my pic here is what i think needs work:

**upper and lower eyeshadow

**eye shape or maybe just the upper eyelid needs to be closed a little bit
**nose shape
**mouth shape or maybe just the outer lips position

jawline doesn’t match (hers is slightly broader)

nose is too thick

she has a second fold on her eyelids. your eyes are slightly too far up.

your lips aren’t wide enough, upper lip is too small/not facing the front properly

Ohh yah i see what you mean about the lips. The shape seemed right but it does look a bit narrow. The jaw was something i thought about too but wasnt sure if it was lighting or the angle that was throwing it off. The eyes though are my main concern and its hard to judge without eyeshadow or eyeliner on the textures. I thought that by closing her upper eyelid a little bit that the folds up there would be more defined and it would look more like her. But i’m thinking that wont be enough since the fold in Nora’s upper eyelid is a little thicker.

There are two Nora models already out for SFM and no offense to the guys that did the port but the eyes were the first thing i noticed and i didnt think it looked like Nora. So thats why i’m more worried about the eyes than anything else.