Fock Bot in Ucrane

What the fuck are you smoking?

This is pretty brilliant though.

segmented wood chippings

I misread this and thought it was new Focks box video. :smith:

That’s a pretty rad robot.

The Shipping Crate Giant.

The lesser known brother of the Iron Giant.
And much more violent.

I ahave a feeling you werre not completetely sober when you made that.

you weren’t completely sober when you posted that either.

Digitalism rocks. and I read your idea.

Yes this guy is high.

Want some Abilify and Setralin to calm down? Got plenty in my closet

reminds me of WOTS for some reason

It’s the containers and wheels.

high?, what.

i thought i was being artistic

Everybody fucking knows you gotta be high to make artistic stuff

and much less vin diesel