Focus of the game?

Stumbled upon Rust a few days ago and the whole minecraft/DayZ vibe is appealing. Is the main focus of the game on scavenging/survival versus the environment or is it being built to focus on player vs player raiding? Is it even possible (or will it be possible, I realize this is Alpha) to get away from everyone and just do your own thing? I like the sound of the scavenging and surviving but the forum reads like its predominantly just PvP raids and griefing. Not so interested in that. Just trying to decide whether to plop down the money to help test this thing or not. Thanks!

If you ask me it is really a mix of it. some that and some of this.
You do have to survive (not that hardcore though) and you have some nice combat besides.
If you like minecraft and dayz, you can’t get better than this :slight_smile:


And there is always the PvE Server =)

Do you feel like the games strength as it stands is in the environment survival part or the player survival part? I’m sure the forums aren’t directly representative of game play but from the looks here there mostly a bunch of PvP going down. To me the most interesting survival game would be hardcore on environmental stuff (scavenging, crafting, etc) and real player interaction would be rare and tense. Or at least as rare as I wanted it to be depending on how far out of the way I stayed. Some posts here almost make it sound like a console shooter, dying multiple times in a five minute period. So yeah, just trying to grasp the focus here.

The environement is not so challenging for now, it is mostly about setting up base and defeding/or raiding it. But the very fact that you have to set up a base with a rock at the beginning and by yourself I can tell you that it is very challenging.
First when I played (And I did play several hardcore games) Died a lot and alot of times. Then you get the hang of it etc. But I really like how this game, even in alpha state, has this good balance between environement and PVP.
Otherwise I don’t really know how to explain it with words, but in my opinion this game is definitly the “thing” that I ve been looking for. (Didn’t even touch arma3 or dayz since played rust…)


I would say this isnt a real survival game at the moment.
Building a base is realy easy if you dont find bandits all 5 minutes and you know what you do (before i got my base up i died around 2 times) Surviving is a lot to easy.
hunger isnt a problem. There are lot of animals they are easy to kill and a lot of meat.
You got more ammo than you need (if you are a bit lucky you get stuff for 40 bullets out of 1 rock)
and zombies are only in the radiatet area and the black ones are no danger only the red and the normal zombies are able to catch up to you if you walk

You are just too cool. I find it easy too but people who are new do not, I don’t know why you stated all these random facts about the game…

No it’s cool, LittleDanny’s post is helping me get a feel for the game too. So the game is obviously pretty enjoyable to you folks so that’s good. And Im sort of getting this vibe from your feedback, Survival is tough as a new player as you figure things out but after you learn the ropes early game survival is not a real problem any more. Resources are relatively abundant. At that point the game is primarily less about getting resources and more about defending them.

But if resources are pretty easy to accumulate there shouldn’t be a real motivation for others to try and take them. But that obviously happens so the motivation for doing so must be just the thrill of PvP conquest, right?

Am I getting it?

Perfecto! :smiley:

Thanks all! Not sure if Rust is for me since I’m really wanting more if that early game scavenge and craft aspect. Who knows, maybe Ill get lucky and snag one if the giveaway thread keys. You guys rock, thanks again.