focused on battle

Some wonky posing going on there, champ.

Color is good and posing could be done better.

thats because of pyro girl?

its just because pants, these doesnt fit her

The engie is odd looking

In comparison to her “real body”, her hands and fingers are disturbingly big

and here i was for a brief moment thinking they were supposed to be dancing

Needs some major work. If you haven’t already, download the TF2 Physics fix. It’ll make them more viable when it comes to posing.

Posing is meh

Wait, they aren’t dancing? Oh…

Not only

Why the hell noone like my posing/pictures? Any of them? :frowning: Are they all really so freaking bad? :frowning:

at first i thought you were doing these on purpose since youve been bashing on people that criticized your stuff for years

to answer your question, yes