Fof playermodels

Hello i need to have some player models for my western rp and i thought that some westerners would be good here are some refrence pictures to the kind of models i want and remember they need to be players THX


john wayne is pretty good :smiley: listen i need ten of these and its hard to find wild west pics so you can try but this is the best shit i can find

This won’t be made, because the FOF creators came over to FacePunch and told everyone we can’t port/make weapons out of FOF props due to their copyright.

Yeah, it’s pretty dumb if you ask me.

Its very. Funny how the mod creators who spent more effort then FOF actually allow you to port from their mod.

Well realy im just asking for any western pleayermodels

Well don’t say FOF then, because no one can do FOF (they can, but its forbidden) models.

I want some western playermodels PLZ ANY THX!!! 10 I NEED 10 WESTERN PLAyErMODELS THAT ARE nOT FOF TH FKIN X