Fog added?

Since the newest patch the fog seems to be a lot thicker than usual. In fact there is no reason to max view distance now because the fog is so thick that it limits view distance to like ~300.

Anyone else see this? Is there a way to fix this?

I find the fog to be a lot thicker in the snow areas of the map also. I get that this might just be a feature but then there really is no need for the view distance slider.

it really sucks. i can hardly see airdrop. maybe its meant to suck in snow biome, to add to the difficulty ? kinda like makes your life hell to live there.

I think the fog was deliberately made stronger in the snow biome because it’s otherwise such an attractive area to build. It sees a lot less traffic for whatever reason, usually has tons of uncollected ore and wood, and has lots of high-value animals (bears, beets, battlestar galactica).

Except cold is a lot bigger problem than heat? Cold is the main deterent for not building in the north, especially at night and with water around. You already can’t wear metal armor in the north at night.

This might be a “realism” thing but it’s simply an annoying gameplay thing.

Edit: Also if you happen to have a base higher in elevation when looking down you have fog, but if a player in down and looking up at your base there is no fog. This needs to be addressed also.

Throw on a snow jacket = cold problem solved. I don’t really engage in PVP up in the snow, since I see so few players up there.

And by putting on that snow jacket you now can’t wear armor. This is a PvP issue, in fact just about everything in this topic is a PvP issue, which to me is the point of the game. If I wanted an awesome PvE building game I would play Garrys Mod and if I wanted a real survival game then I would play DayZ.

This game should be focused on PvP and this is a PvP issue because the fog makes any medium to long range combat just annoying.

Except it’s not, so there’s that. This ain’t CoD with Crafting.

This game isn’t PvE focused because there are is no PvE. This game isn’t building focused because the game has a very basic set of building blocks compared to Garrys mod and minecraft.

This game is PvP focused because just about everything in the game is designed and balanced around PvP.

There’s no PvE other than the environment and animals. Got it.

Any game with a build component less than Minecraft or the entire Source engine can not be building focused. Got it.

Especially the building plans, hammer, tool cupboard, and a dozen other things.

It’s almost as if it’s a survival game, or something, and PvP is a part of that – but not the whole.

Just because you have to make environmental vs tactical decisions doesn’t PvP is somehow lessened. I’d say making trade-offs between multiple threats makes the PvP much more interesting.

You are simply derailing this topic. I never claimed the game was entirely PvP, I claimed the game should be focused on PvP. That means I want the game to have PvE because PvE makes PvP more difficult and random, same with building. But PvE and building are there to enhance the PvP of the game.

If this game was focused on PvE then we would have actual threats in the world, bears and wolves are hardly threatening, especially with their broken AI. A sign that this game isn’t focused on PvE.

If this game was focused on building then we would have a lot more tools for construction and better options for building pieces. Also the stability would actually be a factor, as it is right now you can built entirelly with walls and no pillars and the stability wont be effected. Something that hasn’t been changed in a while, another sign that the game isn’t focused on building.

What we do see every single week though are more changes to guns and other parts of the game that are focused on PvP. If you want to deny this fact then go right ahead but patch notes don’t lie.

The fog being thick in higher altitudes has a direct effect on PvP and only a downside. Now when they actually fix fog to be seen from a player lower in altitude looking up at the player higher in altitude then we should bring the fog back for sure.

Says the guy ranting about the focus of Rust and/or PvP in a topic about fog in snow biomes.

It’s almost like the game is in development and subject to ongoing changes, or something.