Fog not rendering on skybox

Yeah, I don’t want it to do this. The valve wiki wasn’t of much help. I tried matching colors of the fog to the skybox, but that doesn’t always work.

Here’s what I mean.
This is my test map:

And this is how I’d like it to be:

I tried messing with far z pane and all that, but my 3d skybox shows through.

Textures can be set to ignore fog being drawn over them. This is probably the case with the current skybox.

$nofog? I looked at the skybox textures that that empires map uses, it has $nofog set to 1. The way I’m thinking of solving is using the Far Z on the 3d skybox, however it isn’t working because the 3d skybox is 1/6 normal scale. Would I have to make my 3d skybox larger for it to work?
that empires map has the far z set to 11,000 units, and the 3d skybox it has isn’t that large.

The Empires skybox may be manufactured to blend well with fog.

yes, but fog is still rendering against it.

Not so if the materials have fog overdraw disabled.


I meant like the picture to the right. That skybox has fog overdraw disabled but it was designed to blend with the fog, much like the bottom of that Empires skybox.

The skybox you’d like to use might could be fixed up in the same way by smoothing the bottom to a uniform shade of color matching the color of the fog.

Well the thing is, I am using the skybox it said to use in that tut. :confused:

Color pick the color at the horizon on the skybox and use that for fog color. If it varies you could even use ‘fog blending’ to solve it.

If you make the fog color darker you could even have a cool silhouette in the distance.

If the fog rendered on the 2D skybox you wouldn’t be able to see it. Which is obviously a no go.