Fog of War - 1776

~Gametypes -
-Skirmish: In skirmish your teams tries to get more kills than the other in the provided time.
*Small in-town maps
*Two 20 minute rounds
*All Classes Playable
-Campaing: The two teams will fight over the map. Objective is to capture multiple towns, forts, outposts, or camps.
*Huge Map
*All classes playable
*Multiple points to capture
*Game time is One hour
*No Round Time Limit
-LMS/Formation Battle: First team to eliminate other wins.
*Consists of four 11 minute rounds
*Militia and Continental Infantry available on American
*Grenadiers and Royal Infantry available on British
*Maps will include Formations or skirmish LMS (Usually told in map name!)
-Siege: A team must defend their fort from the attack being made by the other team. Once attacking team is killed or fort is taken over it ends.
*Three 15 minute rounds
*Cannons for attackers to use to break down walls
*Cannons for defenders to protect the place under siege.
*No Respawns
*Defending both Forts and Small Towns

~Classes - (All guns are not hit scan, but melee is)
-Continental Army:
*Continental Infantry: Class has a Charleville musket with an attached bayonet for melee.
*Continental Officer: Class has a small pistol and a sabre for melee.
*Militia: Class has a Fowler and a tomahawk
*Rifleman: Class has a Pennsylvania Rifle and small knife
-Royal British Army:
*Royal Infantry: Class has a Brown Bess musket with an attached bayonet for melee.
*Royal Officer: Class has a small pistol and a sabre for melee.
*Grenadier: Has a Carbine Brown Bess and three grenades (Has less ammo for musket).
*Jäger: Has a Jäger Rifle and a hirschfänger for melee.

~Info -
This game mode was inspired by the mod Battle Grounds 2 (
If you have played that mod, you can see where the concepts are alike, except this implements more that the developers of BG2 refuse to or can not put in BG2.

Much of the content for this, mainly models and materials, comes from Battle Grounds 2, due to the fact we do not have modelers and that the BG2 ones are fine, so credit for that goes to the Devs over there.

The maps for the gamemodes will be broken up like this,
*One campaign Map
*Two siege Maps
*Three skirmish Maps
*Two LMS/Formation Maps

Gamemode is being mainly made by only me.
A small group of people are contributing ideas or other small pieces, but nothing major.
If anyone is interested in helping somehow then that would be greatly appreciated.
Help with the Hud, Models, or Maps is what is really needed. Other than that it seems about fine. (Though hud and other such stuff like that is what I really need since the Fretta one is odd)

Suggestions on things to change or add to the gamemode(s) would also be nice.

*status - Just starting.

~Gamemode Images/Videos
(None at the moment! To be added in the next few days!)

~Downloads -
Once the gamemode(s) are finished I’m going to then release them here.

Maybe you should ask them for permission to use their content.

Well it is but is not their content. It’s all changed just using their stuff as a base. Mainly as a placeholder at the moment.

Sounds like you should credit them, but then again I’m not exactly a scientist.

No respawn? Sounds like that could be a turnoff for most users.

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The Gamemode sounds awesome otherwise.

No pictures/videos? Contentless threads aren’t allowed right?

Like yours that are just to spam because you don’t release stuff :smiley:

Whether or not he releases them, his threads still have content.

Useless one. And afaik useless content = spam.

In a round with no respawns, usually everyone will die at about the same exact time, because everyone is doing basically the same thing.

Oh and to those speaking about using the content of the other games, we have also contacted the devs of that game, with them having no problem really, as long as we don’t use certain things like the shooting sounds of the weapons.