Fog Question

I have a small area of water that I want covered by a thin layer of fog or smoke, I don’t know how to achive this or if it’s possible.

The top you can’t really see the smoke, but it’s about 3 inches high covering the surface of the water.

The bottom of the image you can see my attempt at recreating this scene.

Sorry if this has already been answered in another thread. I tried searching google but it produced only 2 related results, which only covered tutorials on fog for the entire map. The facepunch forum search feature returned an error message after about 3 minutes of hanging.

func_smokevolume just make a thin brush above the water and set it to that
(be carefull though its very expensive)

instead of using expensive fog try using the particle system: Here is a tutorial for smoke

One cheat way of doing it is to make a semi-transparent grey texture, and simply make a brush with that texture on the top side and nodraw on the other 5.

^ is how they do it in l4d.

yeah do what CoolCorky said. Mapping is all smoke (no pun intended) and mirrors
-oh and nice map idea

Mapping is all brushes and textures :smug:

Smoke and mirrors are all brushes and textures. :smug: