Okay, this topic is about fog in source engine.
As once, i needed a fog for my gamemode
I tried the commands render.Fog*, but the fog was just on props, not on world.
Then, i tried to use fog_override.
Works awesome:
But requires sv_cheats, and when you set sv_cheats back to 0 - it instantly turns off.
And finally, i tried to create hammer entity env_fog_controller:

for k,v in pairs(ents.FindByClass("env_fog_controller*")) do v:Remove() end
fog = ents.Create("env_fog_controller")
fog:SetKeyValue("fogenable", "1")
fog:SetKeyValue("fogstart", "1")
fog:SetKeyValue("fogend", "500")
fog:SetKeyValue("fogmaxdensity", "1")
fog:SetKeyValue("farz", "2048")
fog:SetKeyValue("fogcolor", "255 255 255")

Nothing happened. Even after rejoining the server.

So, if anyone ever work with the fog, please write how to create a normal fog

Code your own fog effect.

(User was banned for this post ("This isn't helpful" - mahalis))