Folder To Find All Stools?

About a year ago I did a tiny bit of lua on Gmod, the usual beginner stuff, making Sweps & Stools etc.
Well I’m pretty sure the lua files for Stools like ignite and well your normal tools were in the gamemodes folder then sandbox or something, however when I go into that folder now the only thing in there is a .txt file called ‘gamemodes’ and that’s it!
Please tell me where to find them or even send them if you can :slight_smile:
Note: Not sure if this matter but just incase, I got a new computer since and have rarely played Gmod.


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Please Help Me Somebody!
Have they been moved or deleted? Where can i find the lua files? :frowning:

%steamdir%/steamapps/garrysmod content.gcf
Open it with GCF scape, then look for the files. Probably in “lua” or something.

gamemodes/sandbox/weapons/gmod_tool/stools/, in the garrysmod gcf, if I remember correctly.