Folding helmet stock by B&T

Well, since there doesn’t seem to be a single 3D model of this on the entire Internet, I decided that if I wanted to have it then I’d have to make it by myself; especially since everybody here ignored me when I made the specific request and even a moderator deleted my thread.
I’m not expert at modelling but managed to create an acceptable piece, I personally like it very much and will be attaching it to an MP5 on my game soon. Here I leave a simple preview:


you could rip someones model part from here
btw milkshape is shit and its not very powerful, try to use 3dsmax

I’m so sorry about this, but I’m not gonna let you keep on pissing me off anymore. I mean it’s like, this is the forum on which more completely jerks I’ve seen during my instances on the Internet (maybe the users low quantity of post makes you discriminate them? not so sure…).
You have no reason on any of the statements you made; basically 'cause there’s no way I could take specific piece from anywhere since it does NOT exist on the Internet yet, not even on Gamebanana. Did you even bother on checking that?
And I got no time to spend on new modelling programs learning while MS3D is one of the easiest to use therefore that’s not shit at all. It’s been enough since always for most of my editing needs, although I’ve using other different ones lately, too; but just for very minimalistic stuff I was not able to make like world models and a self made shell ejection on animation (Blender and Softimage XSI Mod Tool mainly).

I think you guys should learn to appreciate other’s work, enfatize on the good points and criticize less. And as I believe to have known you, now you can go and ban my account if you want n’ if that makes you feel better ;D

Not gonna feed you anymore, have a nice day.

Oh my don’t know who pissed in your coffee, but if the need for a model and its unavailability made you familiarize yourself more with 3D editing and create your own model, things didn’t really go that bad did they?
You can’t really blame people for not answering when they have no answers, and there’s no omnipotent forum entity that can speak for all its members and tell you “noone has that model”. If nobody answers to a request, that’s usually an answer in itself.
That said, your model looks nice, but the “screwhead” at the bottom could use a few additional faces.
It’s probably supposed to be a retaining screw for the stock adjustment, so i suppose it ought to be operated by hand and not by wrench. In that case, a round and shaded screwhead would make more sense than a six-sided one.