Foley! (The tables have turned!)

I’ve seen way too many RAMIREZ! memes.

"Foley! Use this cheeseburger I got from defending Burger Town to take down those Russians!"

Posing is crap because I am buzzed right now, and no, not buzzed by drugs. Don’t do drugs kids.

I didn’t the Russians are afraid of cheeseburger!



he should have used a bigmac
kill them with heart attack

Did somebody said Cheeseburger?!

Posing needs some fixing like you said, and apparently you didn’t finger posed Russian soldiers.

Yeah I couldn’t fingerpose right as I was in a buzz rush.

posing is pretty bad and stiff, the angle leaves out alot that would probably make the picture better

I agree, might redo this one.

Posing is pretty stiff, and angle needs work, as H3llfire said. Hate to sound stupid, but can I get a link to the ragdoll on the right (not Foley)?

its in
search mw2 or something, you can download the npcs and if you don’t want them as npcs
just leave out the lua when your extracting :slight_smile:

I did post a message saying why the posing sucks. I mean, I did say that I posed this while I was under an adrenaline rush, meaning I couldn’t sit still.

and as for the model

Much appreciated friends. Sorry, I didn’t see the other posts, I just looked at the picture and posted a reply.

Will the Cheeseburger summon Coach?


That’s all I found for the Russians.