Title is generic, Picture is generic.

Sry. this posing is just for practice.

That’s pretty good, I haven’t been into ragdoll posing in quite a while so I may have not noticed something, all I can really say is keep on practicing.

Very nice, but the way hes holding his gun down makes his wrist look a little odd.

Broken wrist ahoooy.

It looks like his gun is made of gold.

He’s about to bring “shooting yourself in the foot” to a whole new level.

No, he’s like “Yo, terrorists…”

“On the floor…”

His face makes him look like he has problems…

Dat Scar. Really nice posing and editing as always.


sorry for bumping an old thread, I’ve been away for a while

Get on Steam nao! :saddowns:

Unless you’re already here.

On topic: Not much going on in the pic. You could have added some Marines boarding a chopper in the background or something.

You people should really try and understand human anatomy before you post your stupid comments.

This is perfectly possible and common way to hold a slung rifle.

And it looks weird in the pose. Maybe it’s because of the almost perfect 90-degree angle.

May be a bad picture, but I hope you get the point.

I don’t think it is.

The picture is generic and bland as hell

Son, you dun goofed:

The wrist pose ain’t perfect, but it’ll do.

You thought wrong. It is a common way to keep one’s hand near the trigger for security reasons while using a 3-point sling.

It was a joke dude, calm down.

It wasn’t directed at you especially, if at all.

Oh, well. Nevermind then.

His wrist must be hurting from holding it like that ._., kinda good, too much bloom, but on construct?? really now?

Okay, I REALLY don’t know how to explain what I mean, but I’ll try again. In your pic the top of the hand is facing away from the forearm, contrary to ddoks pic where the top of the hand is parallel to the forearm. Try having the hand at a 90 degree angle and the palm still parallel to the forearm.

Well I sure can’t do it


Anyways, nice as always ddok. Though that hand pose looks very uncomfortable, even if it is possible.