Foliage Spawnlist Update: L4D1+2

Hey everyone! Just wanted to notify you guys that just released an update for my Foliage Spawnlist Pack that creates a spawnlist for Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 foliage props. This does NOT come with Version 2. If you would like version 2, download it.

Legal Copy of Both Left 4 Dead games.
Garry’s Mod.
Gm_Mount2 (to mount the L4D games).
A brain that can think.

Now I can make a forest properly
I always wanted to make ragdoll poses in forests and such.
Great work!


Looks nice, too bad I don’t own left4dead2

Why not? It’s a good game…

Most of the time…

I don’t have it because I get dropped from every single VAC secure game after about 15 minutes of playing. No idea why, no way to fix it. He probably has a reason too.

:saddowns: I want it but the lack of money… and FlapJack how can you know that when you dont own it? Or did it occur in the demo?

l4d1, css, tf2

What’s your VAC status?

I haven’t bought it because it’s just repetitive fun.

Unbanned (In good standing)