"follow me, lieutenant"


“nagative, :p”

They look too relaxed, but nice pic overall.

yeah, i think so too


Plus, the walls look terrible. Turn up some of the settings in-game.

I have those textures :smiley:

know, but models setting is high, texture setting is very high, other things are all high

i think wall texture is terrible

Guy on the left’s thumb is really messed up. Pretty decent apart from that.

Seconding the thumb. Owch.

Also seconding about the wall, just butt-ugly.

The guns both seem to be held a bit oddly. One in an odd direction (the rifle/carbine) and one with the scope close to the eye but without the butt well on the shoulder. Not too noticeably though, but it looks a bit awkward if you look at it longer.

“Lieutenant” is a French word.

yes, but it is hardly a faux-pas in the lingua pura, no? En contraire, it is, in fact, an official loan to the english vocabulary repertoir. voilà, touché, tant pis for you.

Haha, what. Quit speckin’ yer surrender talk.

That’s sort of the idea. All the french (and the one phrase of latin/pretty much any latino romance language) are used and official loans to English, like “lieutenant”. All I was doing was point out the uselessness of his remark, and the falseness of it.

A bit harsh rating me dumb for that, don’t you think (whoever you were)?

Surrender talk is a funny dysphemism, though, thanks for mentioning it.

Nevermind, then.

It’s okay.

Great picture, IMO.
Thumb looks a tad dodgy, but still good.
Posing and fingerposing are great.

I think the posing is average at best, you don’t really hold the clip in a room-clearing situation.
I mean I’m sure SOMEONE out there does, but not every soldies loves to walk around holding the mag
when they could be holding it how it was designed to be held.