Follow Stool

Makes npcs follow other npc or players.
Left click on the npc you want to follow and then left click on the one you want followed.
Right click on the npc you want to follow you.
Theres no limit to how many follow you.
There could be different formations such as they walk beside you or in a line behind you.

That seems to make a dog follow you so maybe some of its code could be used.

Already theres all human friendlies that automatically follow you, and metro cops with stun sticks chase citizens…

That idea still seems pretty complicated though…

I want a different kind of follow.
I want them to run when you run, walk when you walk and stop when you stop.
1 person could lead a parade of people.

The formation idea would be a bit hard to do, but basic following would be easy. Ask about it in the Lua section.