Anyone know what font this is on the hud?


MiniForma2 is the closest I can find.

It wouldn’t be hard to recreate the font by hand, I’m sure, considering it appears to be a bitmap font.

In the rust directory it lists glyphicons and Roboto… start with them.

GlyphIcons is just that-- a bunch of icons, and I’m familiar with Roboto. It’s not bitmap like this one.

How would I go about recreating it? never worked with ttf(iirc thats the format).

I was talking about simply opening up your favorite image editing software and recreating each letter pixel for pixel. You can take screenshots and paste each letter on, if that makes it easier.

Search for “Pixel fonts”. This is a pretty standard 7 x 5 pixel matrix font. There are a bunch already that exactly match that. (I even made one myself once called “Hillman Mini”). sell one just like that, but there are also free alternatives too.

This hud = MinimaForma2:
Experimental = Roboto Condensed:

Are you sure it’s MiniForma2? Take a look at the image:

The top is the in-game font and the bottom is MiniForma2, as taken from the link you provided. Notice the R and S in RADS.
Of course, the devs could very well have simply edited the font, so I’m not ruling it out. Just putting all the cards on the table.