Food And Household items v1.3

Some of you might remember my mod Food And Household items v1.2 (
I recently downloaded it for my new computer and found out that there are still some props that are not loading correctly, so therefor I now presents version 1.3 :smiley:

It wont just fix the problem, It will add alot of new props. Its still WIP, since I havent added enough props :stuck_out_tongue:

The new props includes a full Mc Donalds set, original made for The Sims 2 by Daislia. Ive got permission :smiley:

sweet!! a lobster

I like the Mcdonald props now if only there rootbeer didn’t taste like shit after 10 minutes.

Where is the download link?

BANG!!! and the dirt as gone.

First line of the post. Links you over to

But it’s version 1.2 , or i missed something?

1.3 is not released… Im still working on it. This topic is for the progress.

Nice, I use this pack a lot. Glad to see you’re adding to it.

but wait,how will he get the shit out of the toliet?

Ah The Sims, now I know why those balloons looked familiar.

Bare hands

More props have been added, and i’ve fixed the models with holes in them and alot of other small fixes.
I might release 1.3 this or next week.