Food Flood


I’ve got to agree with the train.

i’m scared but is fucking cool

oh god gogi i miss your shit
ffs where’ve you been

I’ve been at home, doing nothing. Now I’m out and doing something and I feel like a completely new person. I’m really happy that the old community hasn’t disappeared in the time that I was gone. Too bad there isn’t a section for comics but I guess they just aren’t as popular any more.

I’ve missed you guys as well, too long since I’ve made something creative! Thank you so much for your response, can’t wait for more posts.

I don’t know you, but I respect my elders.
Please humbly accept my “funny” in the hopes that I get to see some more hilarious content from you.

War is hell, man. War is hell.

summary: gogi is a legend before i


This was “Random” But i enjoyed it…

[sub][sub]Welcome back though[/sub][/sub]

It’s my style. I do what I do best.

I look forward to more Then. :v:

Oh, just you wait.

I literally said “Gogi… What the fuck?” out loud.

Gogi? Gogi!?! Ohhhh yeeeeeah.

Glad to see you haven’t changed, this comic takes me back to the old days of comic making & comic lists thread.

But I like random. It might be the lowest form of comedy, but it’s still funny damn it.

I think it started when i began to post more and more of my comics in the screenshot section. I thought some comics were good enough to just post in the screenshot section like the spanish inqusition, fed ex, csi, imperial guard stuff, and the admins didn’t object, i guess i winded up causing the eventual convergence.

Nice comic btw dude, loved the train part & dead black & white t floating :3

Yeah, I remember why I stopped making comics. Can’t stop me now!

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It depends on how well you do it.

Too long, did not read.

Okay, that’s really constructive. I hope to hear more from you.