Food in F4 Menu Removal?

Well nobody can seem to know why this is but maybe one of you will?
if the f4 menu i have Food in there. Now you might be thinking? Ummm just disable hunger mod? Well i did and its still there. Or just remove them from your entities. Well i did that to and the messed my server up. So anyone here know how to REALLY remove this stuff.

P.S ( there not in the addentities.lua)

Look for the lua file that holds it, should be in your server files somewhere, some other stuff that relies on Hunger Mod might not work, if I were you I wouldn’t get rid of it, just configure it so you don’t get as hungry as quick or you can’t starve to death or something, so the cook job is actually of use, if you do it that way your server will be more appealing to players who aren’t looking for clones of DarkRP which are really easy to play in the server browser and see yours with an interesting twist

that is a great idea man! ill look into that.

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sense i have been unable to find anything that has to do with my hunger mod other than the enable and diable feature in my config.lua i cannot find a way to decrease the amount the hunger drops / time till you starve. i looked through my entities folder and nothing was in there. So im either going to have to look around / ask around or just have food in the f4 menu with no hunger becasue most RP servers you starve WAY to fast for my liking

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i got it working guys! thanks for your idea i like that!

Glad you got it working, I haven’t looked at DarkRP in anyway in months, what did you do?

Editing hungermod is easy, you can edit the way it behaves in modules/hungermod alone. Think the entire gamemode even checks if hungermod is enabled and then adds food entities to F4Menu if you are a cook, that’s the behaviour i am seeing with my current version of DarkRP.

well i was to stupid and didnt look up the folder for hunger mod. SO i did that and found it and edited that in there but i cant really do it because the default garrysmod doesn’t come with a hunger bar in the hud.

You could probably add your own HUD, or find someone who can do it for you, I would but I’m extremely rusty and piss poor at lua :stuck_out_tongue: and I have no proper experience in making a HUD. You could probably use bits from here, but it might not work fully (or at all) because of version changes etc.