Food munchers

So as of right now rust requires next to no skill in the fights why you may ask ? because of food munchers basically who ever has the most food wins and for some reason everyone I run into says its intended…wtf you cant be serious I hope this is just a thing no ones been paying attention to because of its alpha.

wondering why I still play legacy this is one of the sole reasons.

So…you’re mad because the better prepared player wins? Not sure what the problem is…

It’s ok, change is scary. We understand.

The “sole reason” implies “the only reason”. If this is “one of”, they aren’t “sole”.

Not sure if you are serious I don’t see how eating mid fight is a good mechanic to gain your HP back, what is the point of med kits and syringes in this game ? when a steak does just as much if not more and gives you hp back instantly.

Being more prepared? I’m just not going to respond to that.

i can agree with you… having wolf steaks on your backpack and use them mid fight replenish a hell lot of HP more than med kits… and the gain is instant

Steaks,Medkits, and syringes shouldn’t be hotbarred, IMO. Since they already are, maybe a timer before they can be used again? So you can’t just heal yourself over and over again in the same fight. Just spitballing ideas here.

Well that is a relief I thought I was the only want who wanted this game to have good combat game play.

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That could work but another way to fix it is by just making food give you food back I know who would have thought wtf its a strange idea right? and when your food is very high and so is your water you regain health unless you use medkits with over a duration heals you like it did in legacy however to stop medkit munches just put a larger timer on them then what was placed on them in legacy.

That is just my 2cents on how I would deal with the problem.

lol I just like the title of this threat…FOOD MUNCHERS. At this point I would just copy what they are doing…must be working if your this upset over it. Honestly I think it makes for longer more interesting fights

The thing is I don’t want to spam steak mid fight to gain HP shall we just put in a healing class, I’m sure that will make for some more interesting fights. Oh and it might be useful for me to add that I do this myself and unless there is a group of 3-4 plus with guns I ain’t falling anytime soon and by the time I run out of meat they stopped following me and screamed at the admins saying I’m hacking, and I agree with them its stupid.

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So if i bring up an issue I have with the game it mean I’m upset about it? maybe I’m just suggesting to change it to improve the game kinda what alpha is all about.

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Here is me during a rust raid, the wolf meats taken its toll on my body.

i agree. food shouldn’t heal instantly, it should slowly generate health based on your stamina level. it shouldn’t be usable as the archetypal “red potion” that you can spam in combat.

Even just a 5 second timer would do fine, so people cant just spam to eat, which would at least take a few seconds to chew a bite… pair that with other things like med kits and such and then you have a few things to spam, with timers of their own. You’d have to strategize hot-bar slots and it wouldn’t be broken like it is now.

I actually didn’t mind that you had to select the food and click eat. Seems like a simple way to stop food munchers.

syringes should still be in the hotbar though because how else are you going to stab your fellow newman with it to heal them?

I agree, the way food functions right now pretty much makes syringes useless… Im sure this will be addressed at some point.

I think food should heal much less and heal over time. The syringes/medkits should heal instantly but have animations that need to be completed, like the syringe does now.

I must be one of the few who doesn’t have a problem with it. I carry a 20 stack on my hotbar (occasionally accidentally eat them all). Be prepared. I hear my neighbors are being raided, I’m like “ok dude, I’ll be over in 5 minutes. got to finish cooking my wolf meat.” Maybe its a little silly to eat meat so fast to gain health but if you don’t have bandages as well, you will still bleed out faster and faster until you’ve eaten your whole stack of meat. Bleeding literally goes into freefall if you don’t address that as well. Be prepared, don’t blame the guy who came prepared. Guns deal lots of damage too, damage them faster than they can heal back up. Or try ganging up on someone, getting hit by two different people at once will often take them down.

On a side note, I am glad I play on official servers and don’t have to deal with admins because someone accused me of cheating over choking down a couple stacks of meat to survive an ambush.

I believe the healing benefits of meat will be adjusted over time. Right now, they’re basically the “god mode medpack”. You don’t need bandages, syringes or medpacks. Just eat a wolf steak or two and you’re back at full health. It makes all the medical items basically useless. That really makes no sense, particularly since other medical options are available. It’s an issue of balance and I’m positive this will be addressed at some point.

IMHO, the medical items should be the ones that heal you from damage and injury for large amounts, while food can give you a small boost. Bandages should stop bleeding and perhaps restore a small amount of health. Syringes should restore a moderate amount of health, but not stop bleeding. Medpacks should be a combination of bandage and syringe and do both with a larger amount of healing. And IMO, it shouldn’t be a spammable, insta-heal that you can do while still fighting. It should take a few seconds (along with a suitable animation) to apply the said medical treatment.

Food should be for maintenance of your metabolism. Perhaps it could give you a small increase of health upon consumption and then accelerate health regeneration for a short time before returning to normal health regeneration via how the metabolism currently works.

At this stage of the game, I think this is a pretty low priority. Yes, food spammers may be annoying to deal with, but in the big picture of the game, I think this is pretty low priority considering how many other bugs and issues need to be ironed out and how many other features still need to be added.