Food Pack

I am working on my food pack, witch includes:

INFO: I have changed a lot of the side effects, read it again time if you have not done it since 9. June 2010!!!

Chinese Food: + 50 health, armor -25, 10% chance dying a min. later. After three minutes, It is another 10% chance dying.

Indian Food: + 30 health, 5- armor and each second after eaten, you will lose 1 health point, unless you do something about it. (Lol: Indian Food X userman122)

Soda: -10 Health, + 5 armor, and gives you more running speed! (not much more)

Water-Melon: + 20 Health, Less walk speed (not much less).

**Water Bottle:**Dip it in water to fill. Restore health to 100 (only when filled). (No side effects) Yay!

**Milk:**Ah! A glass of milk. 10 + armor!

Beer: -5 Health - 5 armor and something ???.


I make a milk-bottle that you can fill a glass with milk and then drink the glass. And I could make text appear to you show if a glass is empty or not, and how much milk you got left in you bottle. Also, make so you are able to open and close the bottle

Making water kills you if you drink too much of it in one minute. (maybe 5-6 glasses) -Done, in another way.


I will try, as hard I can to make this, and I will keep you updated. You can also come up with ideas to my food pack that will make it funnier, better etc.


Why not a…


Can I download a burger model from

The food seems to have too harsh side effects.

Yeah, I thought it would be boring if they just gave you helath like this:


Please comment! I see there are around 3 people watching this thread, feel free to comment! (If you are quest, I recommend you to join us! its a fantastic forum!

Uhm yeah, too harsh side effects.

Ok, I can fix it, but I dont remove them, wait a min.


But, do you got any ideas how to keep up the fun?


Ok, water will now damage you if you drink 10 glasses in a min.


Ok, I have changed and upgraded some side effects of the food now.

DR>BREENS private reserve water can - don’t drink the water, they put something to make you forget.
Restore health to 100 and armor to 0. Turn off side effects of other foods.

So, no side effects?


Or just make the water only restore your health and set armor to 0?


I did it.

Still: I may make “smoke”, but any other ideas or comments?

This sounds really cool
You should add differnet types of alchol for different side effects.
Light Beer: -2 hp - armor
Beer: -5 hp - 5 armor
Vodka: - 10 hp - 10 armor
Or something along the lines of that

You sick bastard

Ok. Thanks for your support. :slight_smile: My friends got a cool idea too: Smoke!
So I just need an model, then I will make it. If I drop light beer, I can make Beer and Vodka. Then, when I am done with the food, I can look if there is any more.


  • I am making the water fillable (you drop it down into water, then its filled.

Whiskey:+20 damage resistance for 2 mins
Coffe:-5health+5armor makes you faster than soda but makes you twitch (1min)
Tea: Invigorate the senses: partial X-ray vision for 3 mins!
Those are my ideas…
Maybe you could make sents to make more of these thigns???
Well, Brewry, Cow(lol)

Yeah, I may think about it.

Why is this in releases…?

Uhh? Any better place to put it?

It’s not a release.

Don’t pee you panties he said he working on it and if he is working on it then it will at some point be a release…

Then it should be in the LUA Scripting section as a WIP.