I know theres a ton of food packs out there, but no one seems to really have good models of the stuff I want. So heres a little list of what I would like to see, now keep in mind I am not asking one person to do this all, but if any of you are good at modeling, maybe say you will do 2-3 of them and someone else do 4 or so? Split it up among yourself’s.

List (with pictures if I could find them):

Traditional japanese foods and sweets (I would search around for pictures or be somewhat into japanese culture for these)
Sake bottle and cups and or tea:
Rice balls or onigiri:
Sushi (nigirizushi or makizushi):
Bowl of rice (maybe even use that bowl):
Box of donuts:
Pina Colada:
Cheese (not the slices or the string bits, I want chunks):
Trays of cookies, donuts, or other pastrys (like you would see in a bakery)
Pie (there is a pie model but for some reason the skin is messed up):
and any other sorts of foods that anyone is willing to make, just keep in mind that i want these things to look as realistic as possable, so no huge cookies or cheese’s, I am not asking for comical stuff.


There is some cheese here-

A cookie prop-

A donut in here-

There is a smaller cookie here-

As I know there is a box of donuts in The ship, there is a way to get the props free without it being warez. Read the description here and it will tell you

thanks for the cheese and box of donuts, but i have the other models, and i was not really looking for that, im looking for trays of the stuff, since i dont have a good tray model, i cant really do it in gmod…

anybody got any other models of food? or willing to do these models?

Some of the Japanese food like the Sushi can be found in Neotokyo (Just copypasta the materials/models), at least, a standard Japanese plate of it. I think that Sake is in there as well, but I can’t be sure.

neotokyo? whats that?

It’s a mod. Here’s a link to the site if you want it

for some reason i cant get the neotokyo stuff in gmod…anyone know if the pack on has the food in it?

No i dont try

really now…so do u just pop up everywhere posting useless posts?