Fookin' prawns looking for food at the border of District 9

Bluescreens F-T-W. Fookin’ prawns are real bitches to pose. Except for ChestyMcGee I see.

Map name can be found in the pic name.

C&C please.

Fucking sexy, yo.

Did somebody finally skin them?

Yes, I found a reskin on

Epic dude

They’re so easy to pose! You’re doin it wrong.

Can’t wait for the final texture and release.

I don’t think there’s much food in that TV… There’s some soda nearby, though.

Easy? They started spazzing when I tried to pose the arms.

And no, I’m not doing it wrong. I’m just doing it like you do :mad:

Any comments on the pic?

The pritty awsome, imagine if the NPc could think to seach the pile of crap…?

Scenebuild is nice and the background fits in well. Shame that skin is kinda crappy, but I don’t blame you for wanting to pose with the Prawns desperately.

To be honest, I wanted to do some stuff with cool new models before you.

But thanks.

I know that feeling.



Plastic doesn’t taste good for lunch.

But this picture does :smiley:

Nice man

Damn, just realized that I forgot to burn the shadows.

Is it just me or is there some obvious aliasing in places?

Aliasing? Sharp, pixelated edges? That’s because of the bluescreen editing I used.

I’m gonna wait for a proper reskin from FP, cuz that skin is meh, and they still don’t have eyes, fingerposing, or proper rigging.