Foolish mon-keigh.


And then drop pod drops on them.

Very good pose. I’m digging these Warhammer related pics.

Argh, dem hippies.

Isolation of the dust could be better.

Your dust is kinda weirdly coloured… or, rather, not coloured at all.

Other than that, the composition is kinda dull and leaves a lot of unnecessary space at the bottom. Also, you’re clearly capable of using photoediting to some degree, so I’d recommend not using in-game concrete bullet damage decals on characters made of metal (bottom left).

Nice work overall though.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll see what I can modify.

This picture is inaccurate as if these so called ‘Eldar’ had actually engaged the blessed Space Marines who were created in His most glorious image they would have been put to the sword and slain to a space elf.
I am hereby executing you summararily for heresy, may you have a good day in the warp heathen.

In all seriousness though, pretty awesome posing, the dust though, as pointed out though, is a little strange, and doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the image.

Dos models. Where do I get zem?


Fuckin’ space elves…

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Forum has a model releases section. Take a gander. I believe the space marines have a direct download, and the rest are SVN in the “models” section.