Footage From SCP-███ Incident K-7

Wasn’t sure if that was a malfunctioning pixel on my screen or just something green in your picture. Haha

Neat picture. Not too too much going on, but I dig it. Guy on the left looks good but the guy on the right looks a tad bored. Lighting looks good however.

It’s a dead pixel.

Well edit that rogue pixel bastard outta here! Haha

sam fisher

everyone in the picture is now dead

yes, including the SCP

God damn this is good.

This is a cool post but the actual picture doesn’t live up to how well setup it is. It’s oddly the least atmospheric thing about it, but its a good idea. If I were you, I would have added some scanlines. There’s also a lot of room to play with contrast, color and lighting but it looks like you restrained from that here.

i did consider adding scanlines, but i thought it would be unrealistic and unnecessary for a top of the line military-grade camera to have

Since the image is from some guys helmet, there probably should be a HUD ,not only stating who’s helmet, but also their current health, and the fact that the NVG batteries are low. But all that would be icing on the cake at this point, really.

And I’m REALLY curious at what the hell happened to the guys on the other end of the video feed, since, from the text, it affected the containing soldiers to a somewhat lesser degree.

Fantastic picture, Cone, SCP would be proud!

eww no