Football Player?

I think a Football Player ragdoll would be cool, and I need one for some ragdoll posing. Some features that I would like would be:

-A few teams with different colors.
-All of them have a 2nd skin without a helmet, and a helmet to put on them.
-Maybe a coach to look over them.
-Last but not least, I would like one team have Orange and White colors, and one more with Blue and Gold.
If someone could do this, I would be so greatful.


Gosh, I would LOVE to have these! :neckbeard:

European Football, or American? Because I’m pretty sure there’s a football (soccer) mod for Half-Life 2.

In fact, yes there is after 2 minutes of Googling.

American football I can’t help you with though.

American Football, not a mod, just ragdolls.

Jeez, the whole English football and American football thing can be confusing for me.

You can get the ragdolls from mods anyways.

Anyone gonna help me get an American football player here?

I’d hate to bump this up, but I want these.