"For a hill, men would kill. Why? They do not know"


Trying a new effect on plastic soldiers when they’re getting shot by the IG lasers

the effect looks killer. nice shot and edit man.

and good choice of song :v:

Thanks dude :3

Not really a big fan of these army men figures, maybe I just don’t get it, but the effects and all the other stuff is pretty cool and well made.

Basically the toy soldiers are coming to life, and fighting off the Warhammer 40k figurings that are coming to life too.
kinda like toy story but, rated R I guess.

But why does it need to be Toy soldiers? It would work fine with normal people.

Maybe he wants to do toy soldiers? Why does it matter?

normal people makes it like all the other generic ones, i just like the idea, and background stories.

looks like melting plastic alright

crop out the sky though

thanks, how do I go about that? the select tool just fucks it up

Great thread music.

Very nice, good job on the editing.
Posing is neat too!

thanks guys!

Like the concept! Good Job!!

Have you considerd maybe haveing a scenario in a really large garden ? where they fight bugs n shit ?

The shot was really quite good, and the laser effects were amazing.

yes need bugs

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thanks guys! :smiley:

I think if you type in monsters in gmod.org you can actually find ant models , they arent that great but they are there

Faraon rates dumb = picture is good. :v:

I really dislike your use of the vietnam models for the toy soldiers. They really don’t have army men with rucksacks and of a great variety that you typical use (but it is a pain in the asshole to change the bodygroups for each soldier to make them minimalistic). My favorite look for them is the 3DO and toy story styles.