"For a kingdom to fall, one must stand limp by limb"

death shall soon come for those who deserve to be rewarded


What the fack

This image is very deep. The thin female symbolises the modern societal pressures on women to have the perfect body. The distorted image is her view on how she must be ugly. The background image of Ed Norton is her aspirations to be beautiful and famous, and her tilted back head is her looking to the heavens for an answer to her problems. This image deeply reflects modern society and its pressures on the average person.

No, this image is an attempt at trying to be deeper then it really is (the most notable example being FaraonzZz)
In my opinion, images like these are pretentious and immature.

Your mind isn’t as imaginative as ours, mang.

It is stuff like this you remember when hitting the bed for the night. Not the amazing muzzle flash edit or
the really good shadow and light work pics, but this.

Cool-I recongize Excella Gionne. She’s a bitch!

Not when you’re high.

Go launch gm_construct then smoke a blunt or something and see for yourself.

I was blazed out of my mind when working on this one. So I don’t see the big deal.


There’s a difference between nonsensical dredge and something of artistic value. I don’t see why it should be hard to make something trippy but still be of notable value.
But that’s just my opinion. My eyes see it as ugly and trying to be more then it actually is. Feel free to disregard my opinion.

i dunno man all that’s going on (or more like OFF) in my head when i fall asleep is huge fireballs and nuclear explosions

and when i close my eyes i briefly see the flash of blue anamorphic lens flares

Local Pot not good enough?

That sounds like me on booze and weed. Only there are bouncing tits in there to.

I only pose when im stoned. lol

I support local business thank you very much.

no don’t do that

buy from me

satisfaction [sp]probably[/sp] guaranteed


So her goal in life is too look like Rayman? Yeah, I can dig it.