For a twist, what are the gamemodes Facepunch DOES like?

Lately, I’ve been on a spree of trying as many gamemodes as I possibly can. If it works at the moment, I’ll install it and give it a go. Here’s what me and my friends over at LP tried;

Zombie Survival: lots of fun, gets repetitive quickly though.
DarkRP: Was fun to add little snippets of code to add new features. Surprisingly easy to populate, maybe that’s just because I can get a server full just by posting on our community forums.
GarryWare: Fun! For a short while.
Prop Hunt: Ditto!
DogFighters: Ditto!

I think that’s all I’ve tried as of yet. Suggestions for more fun times? :slight_smile:

gaben survival

Trouble In Terrorist Town, but then how that goes depends on the player count (and whether a few cunts decide to wreck everyone else randomly).

Is that basically TF2’s Saxton Hale ?

Sandbox and Garry Ware

Doesn’t anyone like zombie escape?

I love Zombie Escape.

Well, I hate the shit out of most DarkRP servers and Zombie Survival gets boring and tedious in a matter of seconds. I usually just like well coded games that make sense, work well and are fun to play. Deception was great whilst it lasted, but that’s long dead. I feel like blaming DarkRP servers for this because basically the WHOLE Garry’s Mod community plays them and it just kills off other gamemodes and dumbs down the community with their ridiculous shit.

I do like your LP gamemodes though, Monkeys. Very fun to play and very well coded.

Dusk, Aftermath

I’m godlike at TTT, so that I suppose.


Yeah this is “what gamemodes does facepunch like” good luck getting backing for that

I wish someone would recode Dogfight for GMod 13… Great gamemode.


Parasite and Underdone (Original by Polkm)

Me and a couple of my FP friends have always loved Avalanche, or Propslide or something. It’s the one where you had to dodge giant props coming down a big hill, and it was always so crazy and chaotic. It’s never on any servers anymore, though.

Everything that isn’t popular! Because we’re all just a bunch of hipsters!

I think I saw it somewhere actually, not too long ago either.

Idea: Facepunch official servers with all of these cool yet unpopular gamemodes…

I think Jokerice fretta server has a gamemode like that. Though I could be wrong they could have removed it since last time I played on their server.