For Admins: Tracking Thread for Server Side Updates. Contribute if you wish.

Since I can’t seem to find a single spot where this info gets maintained I thought a thread here could do the job. I will note a few items for other admins who might be interested in keeping aware of server updates.

Provider: Gameservers
Latest update: 2015-08-01 17:35:50 (EST)
Rcon status: rcon advised of update.

I rent a server from Multiplay. I only have acces to the console, via RCON tool Rusty. How to validate my server is running the latest update ? It happened a few times in the past week that Multiplay didnt apply the server update when it was a small hotfix.

Provider: Gameservers
Last Updated 2015-08-06 12:16:29
Rcon status: rcon advised of update about 5 mins prior.

I don’t think this differentiates from the dev branch, though. That’s the problem. I only care about when the “main” branch gets updated so I can patch my server ASAP.

read out the informationen via the rcon-port from an offical server and then get a mail with this information. so u know there is an update.