For anyone thinking of buying this game!!!!

the only thing I can say is WAIT!!!

This is not because the game is bad! it is due strictly to the ddos attacks and the lagging issues. This is making the game more aggravating than anything else. This is the case for me and 4 of my friends. we all got the game and guess what, for the last 2 days we have not been able to place. this is causing us to start looking for another game. so to stop that from happening to you, wait to buy the game until you can actually play it so that the little dick ddosers don’t get you hating this game before it gets its fair chance.



as someone else said this is probably a personal attack … they probably got paid to do this because sooner or later another game like rust is going to come out and they are trying to do this with rust so they get less of a competition… This is not just a lil kid ddosing one server its a group of people ddosing RUST.

I agree, but before people buy that game and say, oh this game sucks, wait until the company gets this issue under control.

Well, at least you were courteous enough to keep it simple and not blame developers. Hopefully the issue will get solved quickly.

I think this is the wrong place for you to state your PSA as most of us here already own the game.

They are working on it :slight_smile:

Sorry I’m too lazy to put the actual screenshot in here instead of a link :stuck_out_tongue:

you are wrong. It is being done in order to dupe. Open a box and drag something back and forth between the box and your bag quickly while the server is being hit.

You are welcome.

It is sooooooo obvious who is doing this…i cannot believe they aren’t banning the ones doing the duping. Hint…when a giant super metal structure appears in one day and is filled with c4, especially on a full server…use your head…

Screams incompetance imo.

Don’t tell people how to dupe. I didn’t know and now I’m tempted. Pretty sure there’s a thread with an email address to send these kind of things to.

I seriously cannot believe anyone didn’t know this already… Especially the fuking designers of an online video game…

Games fucked already this round…they need to fix the issue and wipe.

Yes, it was wise of you to reveal this bit of information on a public forum. :eng101:

actually smart ass , when there is a working dupe the fastest way to ever get it fixed is to post it. The devs do not actively seek or act against dupers so all it takes is one clan of 6 people to completely break the game.(as it is now, although many are clueless).

Takes one dev to be active a couple times a day on an official server to spot who is doing it. If the game fails it will be because of the lack of will of the devs atm imo.

Billy Badass calm down and quit ruining other peoples game by posting that on a forum. They have a email to send that to to get it fixed +1 to jackass #1 of the day!!

Na. If they start banning the few that dupe the problem will disappear.

Yeah, until more come in because your stupid ass revealed how to do it. gg.

I think this is why it’s under the “Early Acces” section of Steam store.

I’m crashing! Performance is poor!
We’re sorry guys. Rust is in early development. We can’t make promises about performance or stability at the moment. It’s something we hope to improve over time – and if you report a crash we will certainly look into it.

The server I was playing on is down!
Sorry guys, it’s pretty much the same as the previous answer. Sometimes servers will be down. Sometimes they will be down because we’re updating, or they crashed – we are trying to get them back up. Sometimes we’re being DDOSed and there’s not much we can do about it. All we can do is apologise and hope you understand that we’re in early development – and things will improve.

Above taken from “

Kind of really sick of people complaining about this game, you in all are entitled to your own opinion, but jesus…

I bought this game when it was in Dutch Auction (About 2 months ago) and even for the $34 I paid for it, it’s been nothing but worth it in every single way.

If the game stays like this, cool, if it adds more stuff (Which makes it even better) it is still worth it to me.

People don’t understand the value of an unfinished product and look past it’s true ambitions, you can’t blast people for something that isn’t finished, script kiddies will always be on the look-out, it’s what makes it fun for them, we like playing Rust, they like ruining it.

As for people upset about not being able to get a standing on the game, I got my ass wrecked for a solid week before I got a hang of it, and you know what I did? I kept at it, sure I got my ass handed to me like a baby-back bitch, but I outsmarted them and got right back up, people who give up on a video game surely do not know the meaning of hard work and more then likely give up on anything else in their life.

Keep at it and watch the game progress, sure it’s not “that” playable right now, but waiting really isn’t that big of a deal.