For DarkRP

For a DarkRP server what map is better


How long is a piece of string?

That question will be based on preference only, the standard map is rp_downtown_v2, as evocity really is too big for DarkRP in my opinion.

But it has been pulled off, Noobplague being an example, but I cant really call that gamemode DarkRP. Noobplague is more when twelve year olds and coding collide.

Yes the DarkRP its a very old and anoyng gamemode but my question was wich map is better .

I think to rp_downtown_v2_fiend_v2b but probably a lot of player don’t have the map .


None. Darkdm sucks.

RoflWaffle I CHOOSE YOU!

i thnk dt u shld use downtwn fur darkdm!!! it is good map cuz it am have build

Hey, you stole my line ;>

Twice the length of half of it.

I find RPDM quite fun, more chalenge and base building than that of DarkRP