For Garry or who ever knows the answer

ive ben playing for a lil whileand today while im playing everything freezes up so i log out and try to log back in and itsays i have ben banallythen it says dns blah blah so that means the site is just down for a moment and im not actually banned right? just trying to make sure cuz i have done nothing wrong to actually get banned.

p.s gotta say this is the best game i have ever played and I am addicted play it all the time :slight_smile:

you aren’t banned, just be patient.

Same here man, now I get 1001 DNS error from cloudflare

Same problem here

thank you fisha and Valorous what up bro btw our neighboors will not kill us anymore just sayin

They probably just started using CloudFlare, if so their DNS will propagate in a few hours. If they were already using CcloudFlare then they screwed something up and it could be down for days. Time will tell, we are unlikely to hear anything from the devs. They rarely update us.

if its out for days ill be so upset and i hope a whipe dont come along cuz ive worked hard for my stuff

So what if its a wipe? It’s in alpha and you have to expect a wipe here and there.

Most of the time they work on fixing the problem instead of spending their time updating us.

You do realise creating a new thread saying we’re working on fixing it e.t.a is around 30 minutes would take less than 30 seconds :L

Let’s say you get a bluescreen on your computer. Now tell me exactly how long it’s going to fix it. And your phone is getting 1,000 texts every 5minutes asking you what’s the problem, how long.

That is a stupid example. They do not need to read every post in here.

All they need to do is create a sticky thread at the top of the forum. When there is an issue write.

“Sorry guys it seems there is an issue with ______ we are looking into it and it should be fixed by _____”

That would take them one minute.

Urr, people like you annoy me, you took my words out of context.

Taking the time to say “we know about this issue, we are working on fixing it” will stop those “1000 texts” and would take about 30 seconds.

How about “it’ll get fixed when its fixed”

If anything, them taking time out of their day to update your ungrateful ass will make the fix take longer.

Really. Did it take you longer than a minute to post? I don’t think so. It does not take a significant time AT ALL. How is asking for some info being ungrateful? We paid for the game. We didn’t get it for free. We have every right to complain about not being informed about stuff. They are a business, and without their customers they have nothing. They need to treat them with some respect and keep them informed.

Yes but in your example you mention 1000 texts every few minutes. I imagine somewhere the answer has been given already. Taking the time to answer 1000 ungrateful asses will take longer I promise you.