For Garry

When is the Drawing Contest Over I want to see who wins :smiley:

(User was banned for this post ("Shit thread / UTT" - Orkel))

I think you meant to press “Reply” not “NEW TOPIC”

there isnt one winner. everyone who makes a cool, unique, or funny picture that he likes he sends a key to.

yesterday he was at 8-9 page i dont know how long he is now :slight_smile:

All pages to 20 are checked and the rust keys were given. Hoping today they check page 20+

I was on page 9, :frowning: no key.

I have 4 entry between 1-20 no key :frowning: got 1 left

Mine was on page 4, I got pm’d a key :).

Are they even checking anymore or is it over? Mines at 28 or so

I think they are, but i guess they are gone since is 4th of July?

someone should close this thread :confused:

i doubt the british celebrate a colony’s independence day…


And my drawing was on page 9 and I got a key! :slight_smile:

My picture is at page 2. I updated my post there later however.

My PMs was set at off for some reason. I wonder if someone tried to PM me a key.

I’m so sad :frowning: PM’s up now, I hope I will wake up with a key someday :smiley:

Ikr i was like wtf Garrys british LMAO

why does this thread exist?? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: weeeeeee

so does anyone know if past 20 page?

What happened to facepunch…

Rust isn’t even a good game yet, but yet all of these people joined just to go “xd give me key pls ))))”


I think opening registrations was a horrible idea.

I was on page 1. And no key :frowning:

Be more elitist. Perhaps no one should get on to the hype of the game, that will probably help. And if new people want to try to get keys for drawing, what do you care?