For garry

if my account is banned (darkrising).
and im buying another account will the other account will be banned too?

and when ever im enter the rust site the ban message still there, i can log out but when im refreshing its back.

im asking for GARRY answer.

hi your new account wont be banned.

Why was your account banned?

are you using IE?

‘‘You Quit’’


and i msged you that i want to come back.
and you didnt answer so i guess i need to buy this…

and ‘‘Turing’’ im usign Google Chrome.

Oh yeah


what can i do?
you can unban me?
or i need to buy rust?

You probably need to get it :stuck_out_tongue: since you chose to leave…

wow, lol… this is just to sad to read

Such lack of conviction, I am disappointed, but not surprised.


Shouldn’t you be banned from the forum, it’s an alt account you are using, also, you were a dick, you got banned… You were shitposting all the time anyways.

Why not e-mail him or PM him?

Nothing like watching someone try and walk back over a bridge after it’s been burnt to the ground.

Your previous account got banned because you told Garry you didn’t want to play Rust anymore. Try harder this time and you might not get a paid Rust account banned.

lol at people crawling back den begging’, classic.

i heard a rumor somewhere that garry didnt make rust…

his wife did

You probably don’t know this but a lot of people still beg like this

i did.
i pmed him, hes ignoring.
i Emailed him, hes still ignoring.
so i opened this theard.

you told him your leaving
you called him greedy
now you want your free account he gave to you back…

kinda hard to cross burnt bridges…

i dont remember i asked for your answer.
i dont care about paying the game. im just asking if it will ban my second account too

ignorant… very very ignorant.