For Garry's Mod - player model from Minecraft game

I am looking for a Minecraft player model (in other words - Steve) for Garry’s Mod. I want it to be a ragdoll with movable head, arms, elbows, legs and knees. Do you have one?

This one lets you use your Minecraft skin

Looks a bit out of size proportion compared to original but thank you, let me test that.

EDIT: I have no idea how to use the one from first link. Second one is good because of flexible knees and elbows I need but it looks terrible. Hands and legs are floating (1st screenshot) and I can’t move them with Ragdoll Mover (2nd ss). Also it’s waaaay to big (1st ss). I need 2 blocks high model, like in third screenshot.

Sorry, i misread the title, i thought you needed a player model, not the player model

Try this

When you extract the file, just take the Garry Craft folder from the addons folder and put it in your Garry’s Mod’s addons folder

You’ll need this to see it in the spawn menu

It seems to be the model I am looking for. I will test that to 1:30 PM. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Sorry for late response but my work took me more time than expected. This model is close to excellence but do you know how can I make this model bigger? Also texture is blurred, is it possible to “pixelate” it?