For gmod to not rape itself on my computer

Ugh, when I have -dxlevel 80 on the particals from the blood and flecet pistol crashes the game
when I have -dxlevel 70 and below the hud does not appear, eye posing is hard as shit and all I mean ALL effects come out as weird square boxes. And when I have no -dxlevel on which is just typing -dxlevel only on the properties>set launch options. I lowered the graphics down to the most imagenable then pumped it up the highest after a another crash the pumped up graphics in -dxlevel 80 and it does not lag, yet it crashes in blood/flecet effect. The normal no applied -dxlevel makes gmod turn itself off, and I used to be able to pressclt-alt-dlt and log out so it won’t close itself, but then flatgrass was the only map that won’t crash (Note that the trick only worked before the loading bar update).

cpu spec’s
-Asia only released computer with full english translation (I think) Xnote e500
-2gb of ram, all unneeded programs shut down
-A intel pentium dual core and a intel 965 chip
-all codes are (-dxlevel -mat_clipz 1 - mat_filterlightmaps 0 -mp_decals 1000 -r_dynamic 0 -mat_dx level -cl_ejectbrass 1 -muzzleflash_light 1)
And the whole mother fucking crash log that came out jurbled.

MDMP“§ g ’FÉJ 4 ˜ è3 Ø 4 b¸ ¨ ð 8 Œ , Ä
à Ÿ´ q À8 GenuineIntelý ÿûë¿ , À CÉJD 6 Ð @ Ð À 9œ¸r ?  ÿÿÿÿÿÿ2)ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿSÿÿÿÿÿÿ3œ¸r † ’t Ì g ðý µ pJ –» Ì ìi (

Or someone could just tell me how to remove blood partical and the flecet pistol effects completely.


You’re having trouble with a Pentium Dual Core? I’ve got an E5200 and it runs Gmod very nicely with full graphics and vsync. What specs are the laptop? It sounds like you don’t have proper drivers installed…

Update your drivers, if it still doesn’t work and it’s because of blood effects use this in console:

violence_hblood 0;violence_hgibs 0;violence_ablood 0;violence_agibs0

This basically makes the blood turn off, have fun NPC killing.

Thank you, but still need to turn off particals.

What are the more specific ones you want?
-Bright lcd
-54mbps wireless lan
-Windows vista
-And again, 965 intel chipset family or something

Also the code thing still does nothing… D: