For gods sake Ellis...

Hello guys! I just can’t stop making these pictures!, it’s my third one today. And probaly my best one (hrrm)
Suggest improvements and all that.
Content used:

Enjoy. :slight_smile:
Didn’t have time to face pose.

First suggestion: Unless you’re a big-time scenebuilder or editor, do not use Bigcity. It’s ugly, lacking in detail, and detracts from even the best poses on its own. Second: The posing is very stiff. I can tell what’s supposed to be happening, but it’s executed quite poorly. It doesn’t fit Left4Dead’s style. My advice? Look up some editing tutorials, work on posing, and find some better maps. It’s not a terrible start, but it’s also never a good idea to post your first pictures.

EDIT: Although I did laugh at Coach.

WARNING:izzeth…take his advice and dont flame.

I’ll keep that in mind, thank you :slight_smile: It’s always good to get advice from people.

Coach reminded me of

One man cheeseburgah apocalypse