For Honor models

Now that new ubisoft’s game is out, i was wondering if ripping models from For Honor is possible somehow
It uses .forge files like any Assassins Creed games, but i’ve been unsuccessful in trying to crack them open

It’s a bit early mate, give it a week or so.

I’m excited for these models too. Hope someone finds a way to rip these soon

apparently ninja ripper works, but i havent seen proof of that yet

Ninja haven’t worked for me in open beta due to launcher crashing if ripper involved in launch of game.
So, it’s up to those .forge archive explorers, as ARchive_neXt
Stay updated here



What program is best for getting models put of this game? Want to try and get models myself tonight

Your best bet is using the Intel GPA tool, otherwise wait for ARchive_neXt to update. Also NinjaRipper won’t work.

As for Intel GPA, i’m not sure that game launcher will allow anything to run alongside with game.

can someone with the game capture a frame with IntelGPA for me and upload the generated file to mega please?

specifically from the customize screen.


Kinda sad this hasn’t been given any attention at all.

Well, i haven’t bought the game for try it with GPA, thus, i’m still waiting for Archive_next update or for other tools to come by.

Well i tried ripper at free weekend and all i got were textures (which is good) and useless geometry (which is bad)

Will try with intelGPA

intelGPA won’t hook the game for some reason

I can upload ripfolders, but aside textures - there is nothing to use