For how long have you played Garry's mod?

I’ve spent almost 4,300 Hours ( Half a year ) and i bought GMOD in the Summer of 2009.

*Garry’s Mod
4255.6 h *

How many hours have you spent playing this game?

17419.1 hrs HOLY CRAP
1.9871614977263963 years

I played it for 1322 hours, Considering it is long for someone who owns the game for about a half a year.

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Playing time 82.5 hrs past 2 weeks
7456 hrs

349 hours

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Playing time: 18.3 hrs past 2 weeks

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Garry’s Mod
14.2 hrs / 2796.5 hrs
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Jeez thought i was badass with 2000 hours :confused:

For Garrys MOD 10 I’m currently at 497 Hours. However, I’ve played Garrys MOD on and off since version 1. I recently download the complete Gmod Pack thing v1 - 9, it’s amazing how far it’s come. I totally forgot about those old spawn buttons before we had the luxury of a menu.

I never thought Gmod what be THIS popular! I’m glad it is though.

3203 hours since Dec 22, 2007. (On Steam GMod, I played GMod 9 for a while before that)

hey can someone help me??


2403.3 Hours. 78.3 Hours past two weeks .-.

29.5 hours. .7 hours past two weeks.

They didn’t count hours when I used to actually play (2006-8).

281 Hours. Granted half of it isn’t even me playing, but still.

I’ve currently spent 3,321 hours on Garry’s Mod, since August of 2010 :V
(It’s actually kind of depressing to me, all the time that I’ve spent on Garry’s Mod that I probably should have spent doing other things xD )

5010 hours so far… not really something to be proud of… oh well. :rolleyes:

Joined Steam in July of 2008, but did not get into GMod until 2009.

For how long have I been playing GMOD:
Since I bought it.

Ok, enough sarcasm:
23.6 hrs / 538.8 hrs

117 hours D:

368 hours in total.
Bought it a year ago, in 2010.

1018 hours.