For how long have you played Garry's mod?

I really can’t use the time counter to accurately judge how long I’ve played Gmod.
I started using Gmod in version 2 back when it was a free mod.
I have played every version in between and have most likely spent MONTHS if not YEARS of actual game time over the years.
I even ran a server for several years that was frequented by some notable addon developers like aVon, Zup and others.
Since I’ve been with it for so long, and since I’ve reinstalled the current version so many times on my various computers throughout the years, I’ll likely never know…


P.S. Lol I remember when the most complex thing you could make was a trebuchet, and if you pulled off one that didn’t shake itself to pieces after the first firing you where a GOD AMONG MEN!

402 hours off and on since 09.

22hours since last month.

1444 hours since August 6th 2010

3 minutes.

No really, I played it, thought it was awesome, then it broke.

Was it something I did?

Too many HWM rapefaces, amirite? But seriously I know you aren’t who I’m talking about.

But to keep on topic; I’ve been playing since early 2007 and have under 100 hours of playtime under my belt.


I wish I saw what you wrote just then. :v:


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according to the book outliers (malcolm gladwell), i become a ‘world class expert’ when i clock 10k hours

Am I one of the few who keep a constant steam rating of 10?

I’ve played GMod since version 8 came out, but with GMod 10 I’ve played around 200 hours or so, I’ve only really played it for the GMod poses and comics lately, I don’t like Multiplayer.

I was reading this thread and im like ok, this is kinda fun why dont I post my own hours, so i opened steam and went to my profile to look at my hours, and then, i was too ashamed at my self to share my hours…(5672 hours of pure shameful entertainment…)


Wow people being proud spending more than 3k hours on a game. Bought Gmod 10 by the end of 2006 if I well recall, not so long after its release anyway and here’s my score :

It says 450 hours, but its probably way more since i’ve had it since it came out. Before any of the gmod games came out i used to use cheat codes in hl2 and make antlion guards in city 17.

Since March 2010.

3223 hours played. I played more hours than that offline mode though.

6,631 Hours.