For i have lived not in vain.....

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Uhh… yeah…

Raise your graphics settings next time, and maybe put a little more effort into it? I mean, the text is blinding and the rain is simply an ugly filter effect.

this is my first so dont dumb me please

Why do you care about ratings? also, a first is a first but at least put some effort into it.

yeah i did u twat

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - PLing))

First impressions are great, aren’t they?


Oh god the rain

Because you’re rating every reply he posts?

look i wanted to make this cause its fun i dont need this

How is making a screenshot based on or actually is 9/11 actually fun?

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If you don’t like our criticism then leave. harsh as it is, we’re trying to help you.

So either that plane is way off, or you made a pose about 9/11

It’s not really normal to say the least, is it, Rick?

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And why’s there a man standing on the building? just noticed that, the ugly rain and font was distracting me. at that angle, ugly rain falls differently, not down. At that angle.

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not that pose i like to do gmod poses

ok, the 2 minute ones?

But I can’t say anything, all my poses are utter shit :v:

This is so much win

I love how you’ve been a member for less than two weeks and have gotten banned twice already.

But this goes to the commenters as well, give constructive criticism. Tell him how to improve it, not how bad it is.

How does it rain,when theres no clouds in the sky or when its sunny?