For people waiting in the queue

So hey, I see you are waiting in the queue and can’t wait to get in, while I got a few suggestions for you to help you get ready for once you get the key. First off this is for developers or people interested in becoming developers only. If you aren’t a developer than at the current time, you have no reason to play s&box. Now for the people who are interested, this is mainly a guide for people interested in the mapping side so this isnt perfect for people who are coders, modelers etc. To begin, Download Steam VR or buy HL Alyx. Steam vr is a basic version of Hammer 2 missing the many assets alyx gives you, so for the best start I recommend Alyx. Now I would recommend this series Source 2 101 - Hammer Crash Course #1 : Good workflow habits - YouTube I have no affiliation with the creator other than he is a person who has helped me with map errors and that I have learned from his tutorials. The tutorials cover a vast amount of things and will help you get on your feet. I just recently got into source 2 after being a long time mapper of source 1 hoping to be able to be one of the first long time developers for this game. If you want to help cement some of the fan favorites of this game, I recommend you do this to get on your feet. If you are then I suggest starting today.