For people who want beta keys

For all the people who keep asking for beta keys let me explain why I think Garry is not giving any out right now. Right now the one server they have is overloaded so why would Garry give out more beta keys if the server is going to be packed and therefor no fun. You guys are going to have to wait til they open up a new server or some players stop playing.

Agreed and if garry banned all hackers 30 players would quickly be gone

People just wait for open beta or full release … Desperate to ask for the key leads to nowhere because no one has the keys.

You know when you start a new server?

Always fun coming in late to the party.

I got a key but I don’t play it anymore. Simply impossible to set up camp without getting shot for whatever reason.

I think this game requires teamplay :stuck_out_tongue:

Really, all garry needs is people who don’t just want to play the game but want to help find bugs and report them. Its still in alpha and they are plenty of glitches and bugs that need to be fixed.

It does, if you want to keep your house safe from bandits and getting resources more quickly.

Gather wood with your friends and get shot in the head together oh jolly good fun.

Well it’s too bad Reddit and other such places caught wind of this, because now we’ve got people who just spam the forums asking for beta keys or why something isn’t working for them when people have gone over the problem multiple times.